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It is possible for your home to be invaded by Squirrels. Gray, Red, and Flying Squirrels are common in homes in our area. They can cause extensive damage to wires, rafters, studs, and exterior finishing materials- shingles, metal soffit and fascia, siding.

Here’s What We Do

We have over 20 years experience solving Squirrel invasions in over 500 homes. We understand how the animal functions, and what is needed to solve the problem. We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to get a solution as quickly as possible.


Red and Gray Squirrels are very easily identified by their very fluffy tails and the color of their fur. Flying squirrels have larger eyes because they are nocturnal, and they do not have fluffy tails. They are commonly mis-identified as young gray squirrels.

Squirrel Control

For Red and gray Squirrels, we live trap, relocate, and seal the holes they made or used. For Flying Squirrels, we use and Exclusion method and a special one-way exit that lets the squirrels get out, and not be able to get back in.

Follow up

When trapping, we need to follow up about once a week, if nothing is trapped for that time frame. We need to refresh bait, revisit trap placement, check any temporary seals we made. Exclusion work usually does not require follow ups, unless the Squirrels chew new holes, which is always a possibility.


The best prevention method is to keep all trees and shrubs trimmed back at least ten feet from all rooflines of the house. Keeping the exterior of the home well-maintained is another important factor.


Because Squirrels are chewing animals, we are unable to warranty squirrel work for any period of time.

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