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Unlike the cute white ones you see at the pet store these little guys can come in a few different colors. The most common ones are gray or brown with a white belly. Your typical house mouse is gray while the field mouse is more brown and white. Their bodies are usually 2-3 inches long excluding their long furry tails. These guys can be responsible for sleepless nights as they scurry through your ceiling and wall voids. Their skills of stealth and thievery are virtually unparalleled. They can disappear into the tiniest crack and reappear in places you would have thought impossible and often they will make their own holes to gain access to areas of interest. Many a pantry and kitchen cabinets have been invaded by these cunning criminals, and they always leave their calling cards behind in the forms of feces (about the size of a sesame seed) and chewed containers of grains, candy and cereals. 

If you see one mouse, how many do you have?

If you even see one mouse, be concerned. They are always on the look out for new “marks” and are experts at casing security systems (predators) to find their weak points.


When you call us, our customer service representatives are experts at determining the extent of the problem over the phone and can often give you an idea of what it will take to prevent or eliminate your problem. We can also send out one of our “Chief Inspectors” (A.K.A. technicians) to your house and determine for sure if you have these guys infiltrating your home and what measures may need to be taken.

Better Methods

No one thinks it is a good idea to install a security system in a home and then leave the doors wide open all day and night 24 hours a day 7days a week. Yet sadly, this is the equivalent of our industries standard for mice services. Our approach, I’m proud to say, is quite different, and though the initial cost may be a little bit higher, there is no long term contract required which can easily double (even triple) the cost in the long run.

Our goal is to make your home impenetrable, and for most homes built today, this is a possibility. We will inspect the ENTIRE exterior of your home and seal the entry points we find with materials that rodents can not chew through. We will also, make any home repair recommendations that we think are pertinent. Once that is complete we will begin to deploy methods that are only lethal to mice inside your home, to eliminate the ones who may be hiding out inside.

Follow Ups

As mice are experts at penetrating the exterior of a home and finding the weak points in the materials used to build the home we highly recommend a minimum of 3-4 Follow up services to insure there is no new points of entry formed and that we have eliminated the population. Once we have established a pattern of no activity we will then reduce the frequency of the Follow up services and then can offer you a yearly maintenance check. At this point any additional services are done only if you request it and we have a variety of options for frequency to be as budget friendly as possible and still give you the quality of service you deserve.


Our entire mice control system is centered on the words “solution” and “prevention.” Better to prevent them from getting into the home, than deal with them after the fact. 

However there are a couple things you can do as a home owner that can go a long way to preventing the problem in the first place. Home maintenance is key. As time and weather decay exterior materials it gives opportunities to mice to make a new way inside. Along with that, trees near or touching the home and the roof can create pathways for these incredible acrobats. So trim them away from your home and shorten any shrubs, trees or bushes that have grown big enough to allow mice to jump onto the roof.


Due to the incredible gnawing, climbing and acrobatic skills of these creatures it is very difficult to guarantee that no mice will ever re-enter your home. We can however, promise that if you follow the recommended services, your home will be mouse-free.

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