Asian Beetle Control

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These little pests were not much of a pest problem until about 2000. Once they got established in our area, they became the stuff of horror stories. We have been treating them since they first invaded our area, and have been extremely effective in controlling populations inside homes and businesses.


They are pretty easy to identify. They are small, very round orange creatures with black spots on their backs (aka wing covers).


Control is pretty straightforward for these guys. It consists of treating cracks, crevices, and gaps inside around the exterior walls of the home where they can enter the living spaces. We also treat the exterior of the home so the Beetles die a few minutes after contacting the pesticide. Keeping them from entering the living spaces of the home.

Follow Up

Generally, there is no need for follow ups treatments. One service will solve the problem for an entire year. We kill treat in the fall when they swarm to the house.


Treating just the exterior of the home or business once in September will prevent Asian Beetles from invading the interior of your home for a whole year.


We warranty that if we treat your home or business just before they swarm in the fall, you will not have any problems with live Asian Beetles inside your home for a year. We cannot keep them from swarming to your home or landing on the exterior of your home.

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